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Free one-month trial

You can contact us to get a one-month trial at no cost.

Highly recommended for

After free trial

You understand

how the service works.

You can survey your own staff about the effectiveness of the solution.

It will give you

specific requirements on

where and how to digitize.

You can estimate

the cost-effectiveness of

the implementation.

What you can do with the free trial


Inputting daily factory reports on a tablet.

The contents of the input reports are stored as data. (By storing data, it is easy to convert to CSV or PDF.)

You need to set up the data

according to what your company wants to control in the daily report.

※1 Your company's data for the free trial period will be deleted at the end of the period.
※2 Control items are available only for template items.
※3 Devices must be prepared by your company

Based on daily report data, KPIs are "aggregated, visualized, and analyzed" on a dashboard.


Steps to Introduction

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  • I agree that it may take some time to reply to your message or that we may not be able to reply to your message in some cases.

Thank you for applying!

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