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Equipment maintenance

What is moganadx equipment maintenance?

This service collects and analyzes manufacturing data to predict, minimize, and prevent

fatal production problems in factories.

Why is this service for you?

We need more information about the status of equipment operation and downtime.

We want to minimize downtime by being informed of signs of equipment malfunctions and failures.

The repair cycle depends on intuition, experience, etc.

We want to promote data-driven maintenance without increasing staff workload.

We want to work more smoothly with the production department.

In order to improve the quality of equipment maintenance, it is essential to monitor and analyze the data from the equipment.

3 key points for
effective equipment maintenance

※The figure below is an example.

User-friendly forms for easy data input based on your company's operations.

スクリーンショット 2023-09-28 133612.png

On the input forms, inspection items, inspection standards, and procedures are checked to ensure that nothing is left out, and you can easily input data.

We have prepared a template that includes general inspection items for the manufacturing industry,

so you can quickly introduce the service to your site.

In addition, it can be customized to include

your company's own inspection items.

Simple management enabled by the status of each report, including creation, approval, and return.


It is easy to check the current progress of reports at a glance, including reports to be input, returned, and temporarily stored.

User-friendly dashboard screen

allows managers to check key KPIs at a glance


Important KPIs for equipment maintenance, such as "number of long downtime failures," "production downtime," and "maintenance cost," are displayed clearly and can be checked at a glance. 

Each indicator can be analyzed in depth or by multiplying two axes together.


In addition, past maintenance data can be used for maintenance cycle analysis and inspection value trends, which is useful for optimizing equipment maintenance operations.

Steps to introduction









We will support you throughout the operation!

You can use the service introduction materials for free.

For those who want to know more

Detailed explanation is covered below.

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