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"moganadx" solves manufacturing issues by analyzing and visualizing factory data

What moganadx can do

Simplifying operation to effectively manage

employees, production, and properties on-site;
accelerating business growth.

"mogana" is an old Japanese word meaning "I wish I had it".

Mogana was developed from the desire of people in the manufacturing industry who said,

"I wish I had this kind of service!"

Moganadx digitalizes daily manufacturing information,

and "aggregates, analyzes, and visualizes" the entire factory operation and business.

This improves the quality of the PDCA cycle of planning, execution, and review.


Why use mogana?

Subscription model allows an easy, low risk start to digital transformation.

moganadx has a subscription type contract that allows you to use the service for a small monthly fee instead of a bulk purchase, limiting initial costs and cash flow risks.

Proven usability with various factories and companies while allowing customization to meet every customer's needs.

We have prepared reports with inputs that were the result of working and surveying dozens of manufacturing sites. You can also customize the contents according to your company's needs and requirements.

Embark on the digital transformation journey in record time.

After application, it takes a minimum of two weeks for you to start using the service.

Even if there is no IT staff in your company,

we will assign an expert to support you.


Introductory consulting

Our staff will support you from identifying the necessary elements to realizing your company's vision and the solution to your issues. You can confidently introduce this service even if you have no knowledge of digital technology.

SaaS operation support

We provide training for users to smooth the introduction of the service on-site.
After implementation, our staff will not only respond to questions, but also follow up with you to support you in making the fullest use of the service.

Service implementation support

Setting up data points according to your company's needs as clarified through the initial consulting. Our staff will support you in implementing Mogana, from an accessible, convenient input form to a concise, effective report.

Customer success

Our experienced staff will support your company to smoothly follow the PDCA cycle. 

They will provide assistance in setting milestones, drafting suggestions for what the data can show, and other specific ways to use the data, so that the operation can run smoothly and efficiently.

Case study

The service is available for customer

of any IT knowledge, size or industry.

Image by Lalit Kumar


Decided to introduce the system to visualize manufacturing performance.
Improved not only OEE but also the organizational capability


Price is based on many factors,

including the number of users

and the amount of data.


We will provide useful information about service and business.







You can use the service introduction materials for free.

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